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The Giant Watchers

Some companies are so huge, they've inspired a cottage industry of blogs fixated on their every move. Here are our favorite chroniclers of the developments at Microsoft and Apple.

Microsoft Watch: eWeek's blog has suffered since Mary Jo Foley's departure, but it's still one of the places we go for news and commentary on all things Microsoft.

All About Microsoft: Nobody knows Microsoft better than veteran Redmond watcher Mary Jo Foley, who left Microsoft Watch to blog for ZDNet.

Ed Bott
Ed Bott's Windows Expertise: Former PC World editor and prolific book author Ed Bott is indeed a Windows expert, and his take-no-prisoners style is fun to read--as long as you're not the person in his crosshairs.

The Unofficial Apple Weblog
AppleInsider and The Unofficial Apple Weblog: With a company as secretive as Apple, you need squads of reporters, like those at AppleInsider and The Unofficial Apple Weblog, to keep informed. Both sites blend news with rumors, speculation, and maybe even a bit of innuendo on a slow day.

Daring Fireball
Daring Fireball: John Gruber's quirky commentary can drive you a little crazy sometimes--especially if you're not as big a Mac fan as he is---but he's always worth a read.

MacUser: The seven bloggers for our sibling magazine MacWorld offer news, tips, and opinion on all the latest Apple happenings.

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