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Corporate Blogs

A blog that comes from a corporation or one of its employees is a bit of a weird bird: You never know how much of it is truly personal and how much comes from the marketing department. But official or otherwise, the best ones reveal some of the personalities behind a giant company as well as the occasional insider nugget.

The Official Google Blog
The Official Google Blog: When Google talks, the rest of the tech world listens. And this blog is where the search giant makes its biggest statements.

Matt Cutts: Google employee Matt Cutts provides an interesting take on the Web's hottest company--in part because his blog is personal.

Channel 9: This blog is the way Microsoft speaks to its huge developer community, but the site also gives the rest of us an advance peek at applications and services that may be coming down the line.

GM FastLane
GM FastLane: General Motors' corporate blog is surprisingly feisty and fun--and even vice chairman Bob Lutz posts regularly.

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