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Politics and Business

Want a smart (or silly or annoying, depending on your point of view) take on politics and/or business? Then you were born to read blogs.

PolicyBeta: The Center for Democracy and Technology has been monitoring public policy on tech issues for quite some time, which alone makes its blog a worthwhile read.

Instapundit.com: Instapundit is one of the most thoughtful conservative blogs, with short items that always seem to capture the day's zeitgeist.

Bloggingheads.tv: Often surprisingly funny, this videoblog lets a rotating group of political commentators (including founder Robert Wright and Kausfiles' Mickey Kaus) face off on issues of the day.

Danger Room: Don't read this one before bed: It's a look at war, weapons, and tactics that has the potential to scare you silly.

Political Punch: ABC News reporter Jake Tapper provides a behind-the-scenes look at the day's Washington news, illustrated with witty pen-and-ink drawings by some guy named Jake.

Iraq the Model
Iraq the Model: Four words: Iraq reporting by Iraqis.

Wonkette: Original Wonkette Ana Marie Cox decamped for Time magazine last year, so most of the current contributors to this blog are wonks (males) rather than wonkettes, but they've continued the tradition of nasty, funny Washington watching.

AtlanticBlog: Consistently astute political commentary by William Sjostrum, a self-described American economist living and working in Ireland.

Kausfiles: Whether Mickey Kaus was the first blogger, as he's been called, is up for debate; that he's still one of the most entertainingly contrarian observers of the political scene is beyond question.

Seth Godin
Seth Godin: All Marketers Are Liars author Godin's thinking on marketing and business in general is often counterintuitive--and sometimes inspiring.

Lessig Blog: Anyone concerned about creative freedom in the Internet age should be reading Stanford professor Lawrence Lessig's blog.

James Fallows: It's great to see supersavvy journalist Fallows embrace blogging from his current home in China.

Daily Kos
Daily Kos: Lots of left-wing blogs exist on the Net, but none has quite the influence of the Daily Kos.

The Huffington Post: Arianna Huffington, former Republican and former wife of California Senate candidate Michael Huffington, has created the New York Yankees of blogs, with a stable of hundreds of occasional contributors, from actor Ben Affleck to Rolling Stone founder Jann Wenner.

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