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Media Blogs

For better or worse, the media is under more scrutiny now than ever. These blogs are among the leaders of the new breed of media monitors.

BuzzMachine: Entertainment Weekly founder Jeff Jarvis is now a rabble-rousing provocateur, and a leading advocate for community-based journalism.

MediaShift: Hosted on the PBS site, Mark Glaser's blog chronicles--through both reportage and commentary--the way blogs and other electronic media are changing the entire media landscape.

PaidContent.org: Rafat Ali is the Web's expert on who's making money with online content--or at least trying to.

Romenesko: Reporters and editors turn to this site every day to learn what's going on in their own industry.

Disinformation: If you tend to believe that lots of important stories aren't being reported in the mainstream media, you'll probably like Disinformation, which since 1996 has been dedicated to ferreting them out.

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