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Arts and Culture

Whether you make your own art or just want to read about other people who do, you'll probably like at least one blog in this group.

Cartoon Brew
Cartoon Brew: Jerry Beck and Amid Amidi's hub for animation fans covers everything from vintage Disney to the latest CGI blockbusters to independent films.

Laughing Squid: San Francisco is a place where art and technology frequently merge to form something interesting and, because of the Internet, accessible. Laughing Squid documents many of those mergers.

Gawker and Defamer: What celebrity ordered a full-fat latte at Starbucks yesterday? Did a major network head just get arrested? Gawker covers the New York hypergossip scene, while Defamer scours Los Angeles.

What Would Tyler Durden Do: A mean, nasty blog is the perfect antidote to our celebrity-obsessed culture, and few are as clever as this one.

News From Me: Animation, TV, and comics writer Mark Evanier posts fast and furiously on the industries he's worked in, politics, and more.

TV Barn: You can tell that the Kansas City Star's Aaron Barnhart loves TV--but he's a sharp critic, too.

Reality Blurred: Can't survive without Survivor? Yearn for The Simple Life? You can get your fix of all aspects of reality television here.

TVgasm: This is the place to go for fantastically funny recaps of all your favorite shows.

Boing Boing
Boing Boing: The bevy of other sites that this hugely popular blog points to don't have much in common except for one important fact: They're interesting.

Barenaked Ladies: Who can't love a band full of tech nerds? In addition to band news, you're likely to find discussions of Net neutrality, gaming consoles, digital rights management, and a whole lot of silliness.

Rain of Bastards: Mitch Clem writes several Web comics about punk music, living in Texas, and kittens. His LiveJournal also showcases the flyers he draws for music shows.

Create Digital Music and Music Thing: These two blogs, with tips, gadgets, technology previews, and bargain alerts, are music to the ears of anyone who likes to create their own tunes.

Joystiq: This site brings an Engadget-like approach to the world of video games--which is no shocker, since it comes from the same publisher.

Kotaku: Aside from Joystiq, this is one of the most important daily reads for video game fans, and it's a bit more offbeat and entertaining.

Mental Floss: This site consistently teaches us things we didn't know--and things we didn't know we needed to know.

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