Facebook and MySpace: What's the Difference?

While the two Web sites offer many of the same social networking features and tools, they take decidely different approaches to getting people together.


MySpace gives its members plenty of room to express themselves. Sometimes the results aren't pretty.


Facebook, which began at Harvard, attracts a somewhat more serious clientele, as is evident in pages like this one.

MySpace: Finding Friends

At MySpace you find people you might like in the friend lists of your existing friends, then send them an "add me" request.

Facebook: Finding Friends

Facebook is made up of a large number of networks based on school, work and city affiliation. You search these networks for new or old classmates or workmates, then add them as friends.

MySpace: Self Promotion

Receiving SPAM, or requests from random, self-promoting people or groups to be added as your friend, is becoming more common at MySpace.

Facebook: Asking for "Adds"

Asking to be added as someone's friend at Facebook is done in pretty much the same way it's done at MySpace.

MySpace: Applications

Links to the applications at MySpace are listed in a single block at the home page. Relatively few apps--music, video, email, IM and blogging--can be embedded at MySpace member pages, however.

Facebook: Applications

Facebook offers a long list of user-developed apps--some useful and others silly--that can be easily added or removed from your profile. One page of the choices is shown here.

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