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Illustration: Mick Wiggins
For a while now, it has been possible to carry all of your data with you everywhere you go--but until recently, doing so was a hassle. You had to take the time to install your applications and put every scrap of relevant data on a laptop, or set up remote access to a PC that had to remain on continuously. These days, however, thanks to various new and improved Web services, you can not only store your files online but edit and share them with others there--all from the comfort of your browser. And you don't need a dedicated PC of your own: Any connected computer will do.

We evaluated a wide range of options, from online services like Google Docs & Spreadsheets that combine storage and editing, to approaches that use both online and offline resources to give you more control over where you store your data and how you work on it. We also tell you how to reach your home PC's files using a cell phone, and how to take your desktop with you via a thumb drive.

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