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  • Jumpcut Beta

Bought by Yahoo in late 2006, Jumpcut feels like a Web-based version of a basic desktop video editing application, such as iMovie or Windows Movie Maker, but with video sharing abilities to boot.

Jumpcut is arguably the leader in online video editing, but it faces increasing competition from new tools found at better-known sites like Brightcove and YouTube, in addition to mashup-culture alternatives like Eyespot and Motionbox.

On Jumpcut, a single video is combined with others (that you, or anyone, has uploaded) to create a movie. You can create movies and photo slide shows easily in the flash-based Jumpcut Editor through the judicial use of titles, music, effects, transitions, and edits. A brilliant movie-making wizard helps you become familiar with the interface, and template styles and keyboard shortcuts are also available.

Uploading our test file took about 5 to 10 minutes using the non-flash-based upload option, and the video was live almost immediately. You or your friends can also upload via e-mail, and import photos directly from Flickr or Facebook.

You can set your videos to be viewable by anyone, or only by those that you send your link to. You can also disable the ability of others to remix (or "grab") your content.

Video quality looked good--about what you'd expect for a Flash 8 video--but audio did seem a little weaker here than elsewhere. We also didn't like that Jumpcut's "full screen" viewing mode is really only a slightly larger viewing window that's surrounded by black.

If you like the idea of other people remixing your work, then Jumpcut is perfect for you, but if you just want a place to upload some footage of your 2-year-old falling over, then you'd probably be better off looking elsewhere.

Bottom line: Uniquely remix-oriented, Jumpcut makes it fun to mash up videos, music, and photos from yourself or others.

Resources: See our Top 10 Video Sharing Sites chart, find out how we tested, and visit our video-quality comparison page (requires QuickTime).

Danny Allen

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At a Glance
  • Uniquely remix-oriented, Jumpcut makes it fun to mash up videos, music, and photos from yourself or others.

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