15 Undocumented Firefox Tips

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Customize Your Keyword Searches

You don't really need the search bar if you set up some keyword searches. These special bookmarks let you use any search engine directly from the address bar.

First, go to a site with search capabilities, such as www.pcworld.com, right-click the site's search field, and select Add a Keyword for this Search, as in the screen at left.

In the Add Bookmark dialog box, name the shortcut and give it a short, easy-to-remember keyword, such as pcw. Choose an out-of-the-way folder in the 'Create in' dropdown menu, and click OK.

To test the shortcut, press Ctrl-L to place the cursor in the address bar, type pcw lincoln spector, and press Enter. You should see a list of PCWorld.com's best articles. Well, maybe you'll do better if you type pcw steve bass.

Search a Page in a Jiffy

Finding the right page is often only half the battle: You may also need to locate a specific word or phrase on the page. Firefox has a trick that makes searching a page easy. Select Tools, Options. Click the Advanced icon and then the General tab. Check Search for text when I start typing, and click OK.

Now you don't have to press Ctrl-F or / (slash) to find that word. Just start typing, and up pops the Quick Find bar.

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