In Pictures: What's Hot in Halo 3

Microsoft and Bungie's Xbox 360 blockbuster is finally here. Take a look at some of the highlights.

Cooperative Mode

Cooperative mode lets up to four players engage Halo 3's story as Master Chief, the Arbiter, and two specially created Elites, N'tho 'Sraom and Usze 'Taham.

Fuel-Rod Cannon

The Covenant Fuel-Rod cannon returns (slightly weaker, faster fire rate, more rocket-like) to wreak green havoc against a Spartan-controlled Ghost.

Gravity Hammer

The new Brute "gravity hammer" is a crude and slow but inarguably effective alternative to the swifter, less powerful Elite energy sword. Swing this thing and you'll either clobber or knock down the nearest three or four enemies.

Visible Secondary Weapons

Notice the weapon attached to the Spartan's back. Secondary weapons are no longer "hidden," eliminating unpleasant "what's in your pocket?" multiplayer surprises.

Support Weapons

Halo 3 includes the option to literally yank large cannons like this off their pedestals, then tote them around two-handed freestyle, though doing so significantly hampers both speed and agility.

Mobile Turret

Because who wouldn't love to rip a turret off its base and point it skyward?

New Vehicle: The Mongoose

Halo 3's Mongoose (pictured left) is a weaponless four-wheeler that seats two and goes most anywhere, though it tends to roll off even minor bumps.

Multiplayer Modes

Hunt the Juggernaut! Halo 3's multiplayer modes are rich and tactically varied, including variants like "Territories" (defenders, don't let the other team take your flags) and "VIP" (earn points by killing the other teams Very Important Person).

Appearance Customization

Halo 3 includes lots of new options for tweaking your player's appearance in multiplayer.

Custom Games

Halo 3 takes multiplayer to the next level with new game types and even a custom map editor.

Film Room

Record clips or take screenshots of your favorite single or multiplayer moments...

Film Room 2

...and share them with your friends online

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