Microsoft Admits Halo 3 Caused Xbox Live Glitches

If you were one of the few Xbox 360 owners who didn't buy Halo 3 this week, you were probably wondering why your game of Uno wasn't working properly. The answer, in a word, was Halo.

A Microsoft rep told disgruntled users that the flood of online Halo 3 activity was to blame for a series of "minor issues," and that everything should be back to normal now.

"Xbox Live and experienced minor issues [Tuesday] as a result of increased activity due to the launch of Halo 3. The issues were quickly resolved and both Xbox Live and are now working fine," said a statement from Microsoft.

The larger problem may have been dealt with, but Wired's Susan Arendt said she was still experiencing freezes on Live as recently as Thursday afternoon.

Halo 3 officially launched September 25, and raked in a record-breaking $170 million in first day sales. See the PC World review here.

This story, "Microsoft Admits Halo 3 Caused Xbox Live Glitches" was originally published by GamePro.

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