Fifteen Great Time Saving Utilities

You spend too much time at your computer.

But wait. Before you get up and walk away, consider how you can make your computing life more productive. I'm going to tell you about 15 utilities--most of them free--that will relieve much of the repetitiveness and confusion that make PC work slow and annoying.

Some of the programs simplify common computer chores, like launching programs and burning CDs. Others help you work smarter with files--finding the ones you want, renaming them en masse, and sending them where you want them to go. Still others help you automate your work with macros and boilerplate text. And the rest simplify tasks that shouldn't be as complicated as they are, such as using Office 2007 or figuring out your cell phone bill.

So invest a little effort--and maybe a little money--to make your life easier. Then you can take some time off and enjoy the hours you've saved.

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