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Application Boosters

Sometimes only an application needs speeding up. The next two downloads will help with Microsoft Excel and with Adobe Acrobat Reader, respectively.

Worksheet Booster

Excel jockeys know that building and using spreadsheets can be a long, tough slog at times. If you're looking to cut down on the time?needed to perform repetitive (and not-so-repetitive) tasks, give Worksheet Booster a try. It?provides nearly two dozen new commands that speed up various tasks, such as creating a new worksheet from existing data. Instead of taking several steps to complete an action yourself, just choose a command from?Worksheet Booster's drop-down list, and it does the rest. It works with Excel 2000, Excel XP, Excel 2003, and Excel 2007.

Download Worksheet Booster | Price: $14 (shareware)

PDF SpeedUp

Few programs on the planet are more annoying than the Adobe Acrobat Reader. It's slow, it's buggy, and it seems to drag down entire systems whenever it's loaded. This freebie eliminates most of the program's annoyances, disabling the splash screen, killing the piped-in ads in the upper-right corner of the toolbar, turning off the invisible updates feature that sucks up RAM and system resources, and preventing plug-ins from loading, among other things.

Using the program is as simple as can be: Just click the Optimize button, and it does its work. To bring back your original settings, click Restore. You can also customize exactly which features it optimizes. The program works with versions 3 through 7 of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Download PDF SpeedUp | Price: Free

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