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Gateway FPD1975W 19-Inch Wide-Screen LCD Monitor

At a Glance
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The Gateway FPD1975W is cheap, but you'll need to settle for average image quality and shell out for extras (like a DVI cable) that should come standard.

The FPD1975W garnered an overall score of Good, passable but not up to par with other contenders tested for our February 2008 feature "The Wide World of Monitors," such as the AG Neovo E-W19 or Samsung 932GW.

The power button is the only control viewable from the front of this simple, clean, all-black monitor. Buttons on the right-hand side are for on-screen display (OSD) controls and serve two functions depending on whether the OSD is on or off. For example, the Brightness button is also the up arrow and the Theme button acts as the down arrow for moving through menus. Fortunately, Gateway's bundled EZTune software replaces almost all functions with a software interface that lets you more easily access the panel options via mouse clicks instead. EZTune also adds basic calibration features that allow you to get a more precise tone, hue, and temperature balance on the monitor.

On the top-left side of the bezel sits a small but prominent label indicating that it's an HD monitor. But I've got to tell you: This is true of any monitor that has a digital port in the back (DVI or HDMI), has high-definition content protection, and can support a minimum horizontal resolution of 720p, which is most of the monitors we tested in the 19-inch category.

If you want any extras, many items are optional and for sale. Speakers, a USB hub, a height-adjustable stand, and even a DVI cable will cost you. The manual covers many of the basic functions of the monitor, but too much of it is devoted to selling these extras. Gateway should throw consumers a bone to make this monitor more of a value.

Colors in the movie Lord of the Rings: Return of the King seemed overly saturated or tones seemed off. A dress that's supposed to be red velvet appeared to have too much orange. Pixelation is more noticeable here than with most rivals, an effect exaggerated in brighter scenes or those involving reflections or a light source.

The price-to-performance ratio of the Gateway FPD1975W seems a bit unfavorable to me. A built-in adjustable stand and bundled DVI cable would make it a better value.

--Roy Santos

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At a Glance
  • Image quality is average, and you'll have to pay extra for a DVI cable and an adjustable stand.


    • Bundled display setting software
    • Clean design


    • Average performance
    • Extras unreasonably increase cost
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