Ask Our Experts: Snapshot or Full-Size Inkjet Printer?

I have to photograph about 75 subjects, and provide, on site, 4-by-6 prints, in a 4-hour time frame. I was wondering whether it would pay to invest in a dedicated 4-by-6 printer, and if so, which one?

Stephen A. Solomon, Garland, Texas

Contributing Editor Melissa Riofrio responds: You can buy a good snapshot printer for as little as $100. Epson's PictureMate Dash ($100) is very fast, and it makes nice-looking prints. It plugs into AC, or you can buy a battery pack for $50. The lunchbox-like design includes a handle; Epson also sells a $35 carrying case. Its pricier cousin, the $200 PictureMate Zoom, has an integrated CD burner that would let you present a disc with all the photos at the end of the event.

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