Will Xperia X1 Oust iPhone In Mobile Supremacy Battle?

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Sony Ericsson execs call it a "premium" convergence device and forewarn that it won't be cheap.

But they promise the Xperia X1 mobile phone will be worth every cent you spend on it.

That, of course, is an assertion that is yet to be verified as the device will only be available in North America in the second half of 2008.

However, the information and preview provided during the product's launch at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on Sunday created a buzz that resonated across the Web.

One commentator hailed Xperia X1 as the new reference in terms of productivity and entertainment, and "the most exciting Windows Mobile phone since the Blackjack 2."

Another observed that X1's "luscious aluminum shell" and "amazingly sharp display" would "put Apple's [iPhone] to shame."

And it went on and on.

Market Position

Sony Ericsson itself is positioning Xperia X1 is a "game changing device" that that will take convergence to new levels.

The company is avoiding use of the term "smart phone", according Suzanne Cross, head product marketing manager for Sony Ericsson North America.


But she and other company execs indicate that convergence -- a blending entertainment and productivity features -- is at the very heart of Xperia X1.

The features run the gamut -- from entertainment and multimedia applications, to Web access, personal organizer-type capabilities, and a variety of communication options.

Sony Ericsson has gone the length with this device including a high-resolution touch screen quad-band GSM/EDGE, on board Wi-Fi for short-range networking, GPS for route finding, FM Radio and Bluetooth.

The X1's Internet connectivity features are superior to any mobile phone Sony-Ericsson has ever produced to date.

It offers HSUPA (High Speed Upload Packet Access) that transmits video and other media almost as quickly as it comes downstream -- a feature is not available in some of the most advanced 3G phones.

And powering all these features is a 520-MHz ARM11 processor running Windows Mobile 6.

Bottomline, the XPERIA X1 is being positioned -- not just as a consumer or a productivity device, but one that offers you the best of both worlds -- a "wicked" entertainment appliance, yet loaded with productivity features that the most fastidious mobile professional could use very effectively in an enterprise context.

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