Windows XP vs. Vista: An Explosion of Opinion

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Vista Woes

"I have already had problems with certain programs and hardware (our scanner) not working with Vista on our new computer as well as problems uninstalling things--they either won't uninstall completely or just not at all (click on remove and nothing happens) and I then have to go to the programs folder to remove them and even that was a pain because it would not let me delete everything without rebooting first and then deleting rest of the files or it tells me I need admin priveleges to delete or uninstall when I am already logged in as administrator."

"I have used Vista for some time and still find WXP to be faster, way more compatible with hardware and software and less annoying. For example, I get the full functionality of my Creative X-Fi Fatal1ty sound card (including the remote control) with WXP - not so with Vista. I am not prompted (UAC) after everything I do (I know I can turn it off). I guess the bottom line is that I would be willing to to trade off some security-related changes in Vista (and trust 3rd party security software) and have an operating system that is highly compatible with current/future hardware and software and does not require the fastest hardware to run efficiently. On a related note, I would love it if Outlook 2007 gave you the option of using IE7 in addition to Word for HTML email viewing (so I can use my stationery/emoticons again and view newsletters in their proper format. I'm not resistant to change, but change should be positive and advance the technology - I don't see much of that with Vista. WXP should be supported until MS gets it right."

"Windows XP benchmarks (and feels faster) with everything I use. Vista is just -slow- and has a gigantic footprint. Mind you, as a developer, I know things grow with features, but exponential growth for lackluster "linear" features leads to something that can barely handle audio/video playback that XP has handled just fine. And that doesn't mention the lack of compatibility with everything I've had with Vista. XP's time is not over."

"My newest Vista computer crashes more often than my old XP computer although all the hardware and software are said to work with Vista and the computers are all well maintained. The system restore does not work at all on my Vista machine."

"I was using Vista on a Lenovo computer and the disk crashed. The tech support guys sent me XP as a replacement. It is simply much faster, smaller and reliable. (This is pre SP1, BTW...)"

"There is no excuse for Vista to have such lags and slowness. Why did Microsoft have to change small things like icons when it just increases the learning curve? Why does there have to be so many different versions of Vista, when a module-orented approach would be much more effective? The only thing I've liked more about Vista is the way the networking utilities are conveniently grouped together. I immediately greeted a new Vista notebook with a dual-boot Ubuntu (Linux) install. I am being forced to work at getting choices. Given the option, I would have chosen XP and probably not bothered with Linux."

"XP has its faults, but it works like an operating system should - It allows the user to interact with their hardware. Vista assumes you are a cretin and constantly nags you with endless annoying prompts. Oh and did I mention in runs like a dead hamster? I want an OS that: doesn't take longer to calculate time to copy a file than it does to do the copy. I don't want to be told I'm not allowed to do something on my OWN pc. I don't want several dialogues asking permission to do what i just told it to. If vista had a switch off all the annoying crap and bloat off and do what it tell it to button, I'd be happy. Instead I'm an XP user."

"Vista is much slower than XP. Vista is useless on lower priced computers even in basic mode. I never see any of the fancy graphics as I haven't got time. My new Vista laptop continually crashes and things often don't work properly. My laptop has few applications on it. My older cheap XP desktop is much faster and rarely crashes despite being loaded with many applications."

"I had to accept Vista with my latest machine. After 3 months of contemplating suicide, I reloaded my XP Pro SP2 and sanity returned. Long live XP!"

"I just dumped Vista on my laptop because it made everything I did such an ordeal! I can't believe how my laptop now responds to tasks and boots up and shuts down. Vista is such a resource hog and doesn't allow a use to perform any tasks w/o interruptions. In the week since I downgraded, I've accomplished far more that I did in 4 months of using Vista. Unless they can overhaul it to make it more use-resondent, I will avoid Vista as long as possible!"

"I made the mistake of coming into some extra money and blowing it on a brand new HP Pavilion with everything from a Cable TV receiver to windshield wipers and power seats. I, of course, had to have the latest and greatest of everything. Especially software. I'm certainly no computer geek, but I thought that if I got Vista I wouldn't have to be. I could let Microsoft take care of all my problems. Unfortunately, I didn't realize that I would have so many problems. Vista is a power hungry HOG! It's not as smart as XP because it has so much fat in it's big bloated body that it's little underdeveloped brain can't keep up with all the features it has. Most of which I don't use. I have been on the phone to HP support so many times that I'm on a first name basis with most of the support techs in India, all of whom are named "Steve". One even told me to disable my Microsoft Update program. Another one took control of my computer over the internet and did a "System Restore" back to factory settings. He told me that it would be just like when it left the factory. Brand new. "Trust me", he says. He didn't tell me that it would get rid of everything that I had downloaded up to that point. I can't call Microsoft Support, because their job is to sell you the software, and then sell you their time to tell you how to use it. You don't get ANYTHING free from Microsoft. And I admire Bill Gates so much... That boy sure does know how to make money. I miss my XP!"

"Vista still has some problems. None of the headset earphone/microphone works on my Vista and none of the numerous manufacturer's techs could solve the problem. My good old applications may not work well in Vista. Microsoft should let XP live for another two years."

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