Windows XP vs. Vista: An Explosion of Opinion

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Votes for Vista

"Personally, I prefer Vista at home. I realize it's somewhat bloated, but I like the look and feel of it for my home system. Given the hardware I have, it runs exceptionally well and multi-tasks better than XP. For work however, there is not reason to have Vista. Most machines we run are 3-4 years old and cannot keep up with Vista. To discontinue offering/support XP is rediculous and a slap int he face to enterprises everywhere."

"Operating Systems are like Merry-go-rounds. Over the years they change shapes and colors. Do we stop riding them, or stop taking our children to them? No! We buy another ticket and enjoy the ride. So stop complaining, enjoy the new pretty colors and start riding again. If things did not change, we would all be driving Edsels."

"I believe it's good to discontinue XP. This same argument was going on back in 2001-2002 with XP and how Win 2000 was better. I believe people should get with the times and go with Vista because its fast and reliable on up-to-date computers (at least it is on mine). Those that stay with XP will be good for another 2 years but after that, they are gonna start complaining how nothing new works with it. It's going to be another circle when Windows 7 is released."

"In my opinion, Vista kills XP and Mac OS X People use it for a week and say it's terrible because it's different."

"Out with the old in with the new, Time to move on." 

"I got a new computer with Vista installed. I had really wanted XP. But once I got used to the new Vista format i found that the same features from XP and earlier Windows were still there. So Vista is no problem - the learning curve took about 3 days and I'm just moderately computer savvy."

"The old blanket that we drug around as a kid finally had to be replaced ... the same is with XP ... it was comfortable but it was starting to get holes. New advancements in code now gives better security and overall function ... sure there are some glitches, but they will be fixed and the whole system will be better."

"I don't see what people have against Vista, it's a great OS."

"All the idiots that want to "keep" XP sound just like all the idiots that wanted to "keep" MS-DOS (ugh!) back when Windows 3.0 changed the PC. If anybody listened to these idiots, we would never have any technological progress."

"Vista has many flaws, but it is still much better than XP. It's UAC is annoying, but it can also be a life saver, mainly through the allowance of Protected Mode with Internet Explorer. I just wish there was a native way on Home Premium and Basic to suppress it. But I've been using tweakUAC and I've had no problems. Sure, Vista is a resource hog, but computers have much more resourses than they did even a few months ago. It is unreasonable to expect Microsoft to keep the same small footprint when everything else in the computer world is getting more and more powerful."

"Too bad Vista got a bad rap. It's probably the best Windows version Microsoft has produced."

"I'm running Windows Vista Ultimate x64 and think it's great. I don't feel it's Microsoft's fault that hardware and software vendors have left some of their customers lacking drivers for Vista."

"Discontinuing XP is a good idea because it is time for technology to move forward. Discontinuing XP will allow Microsoft to focus more on improving Vista and developing Windows 7."

"The progression of operating systems is a necessary item. Windows Vista allows us to incorporate newer platforms and advanced technology. Essentially I am happy that Windows XP will be discontinued and that a feeling of progression in computers is what a new OS is all about. I dread the day when we regret that had we not ridden ourselves of XP earlier we may be at a far greater evolution in computer technology. I for one will move forward into a new era of computing with the new OS."

"Vista is a far superior operating system in so many ways it would be hard to list. As history has shown, whenever there is a new release people (especially older people) resist change. Sometimes you need to move outside your comfort zone to learn new things and you might be pleasantly surprised. I have come across a number of people who have said Vista is bad, and when questioned as to why the typical response is "Well, that's what I've heard." Unfortunately the amount of time between releases has lulled people into a state of being so accustomed to an operating system that they are willing to sacrifice advances in technology in exchange for comfort and familiarity. That or they switch to an extremely overpriced, far inferior Apple operating system, which is bizarre considering that it is a much more radical change than switching from XP to Vista."

""Well, I personally like Windows Vista. I've seen it run relatively quick on a Core Duo laptop with only 1 GB of RAM, and integrated graphics. Mind you, it was only Vista Home Basic, however. Honestly, though, I think that Microsoft needs to continue to support XP, for at least the rest of 2008, drop Vista Home Basic, and make the other versions cheaper. In terms of performance, XP doesn't require much at all, where as Vista does. But then again, Vista seems like it was made for the emerging market first, and the upgrading market second. However, Microsoft seems to have overstepped it some; they looked at some factors more then others. For example, the majority of computers sold now are dual-core, and there are plenty of older Pentium D, or even Pentium 4 HT computers. If Microsoft were to simply implement multi-threading on things like, the Windows registry, Windows explorer, and other things, I think it would help to boost performance, by, for those instances, starting up faster, even if you have a lot of startup apps, and compressing/decompressing faster. Doing things like that, on top of adding an integrated memory optimizer (so that all those unused system files that can't be made smaller can be put onto Page File and your system won't lag as much), as well as lowering down the graphics requirements, and fixing the mass amount of space needed for installation, and it would perform and appeal to a lot more people (IE: The 15 GBs of space needed for installation, unless I'm mistaken on my information, is because when upgrading, Vista installs all of the new files onto free space, then overwrites the older system files at the end. After installation, it will supposedly only use about 6 GBs of space.) Basically, to get back to the point at hand, I think Vista is a great operating system. However, I also think that Microsoft is ruining it right now. And until Microsoft can revive Windows Vista, and make it as great as it can be, I do not think that they should drop support for Windows XP. I mean, if you look at how many new PCs are bought with XP, it's decreasing bit by bit every day. However, if Microsoft decides to ignore the users who want to wait for Vista to show its worth before switching, they'll lose some faithful customers, and will only shoot themselves in the foot.""

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