Windows XP vs. Vista: An Explosion of Opinion

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Lured by Linux

"I have hardware that is only 3-4 years old that either won't work entirely with Vista or won't work at all with Vista. No thanks, Microsoft. Maybe it's time for a switch to Linux."

"If XP ends, then the move, for me and many, many people I know, will be to Linux. Microsoft can no longer call the shots. Don't need their 'big brotherism' to tell me what is good for me (especially when it is really good only for them). Amen."

"Discontinuing XP will be the final straw that pushes me into Ubuntu."

"If MS discontinues support of XP, I will switch to Linux (Ubuntu) rather than use Vista. My next computer WILL be Linux. I have helped some friends with their Vista setup and hate the product."

"Many, like myself, will switch to Linux once XP is discontinued."

"Vista, what a disappointment! So much so that after using Windows products since DOS 4.0, I'm seriously considering a (free) distribution of Linux. Not for the price, not for the apps, just because I have the choice of what is right for me and my hardware."

"While I think that Vista is a decent operating system, I think that Microsoft is playing the convicted monopolist that it is by charging way too much for the new OS. Thus, I think that XP should remain available because it's also a good, mature OS that you can get at a much cheaper price. As for me personally, while I do still have Vista installed, I'm now using Ubuntu for much of my work."

"For what Vista costs (I have home premium on one of my boxes) in terms of hardware and forced software upgrades, particularly now in a down economy, it doesn't make much sense to force it on us. I've recently gone back to trying out different distributions of Linux; should MS try to force Vista down our throats, I may just stick with Ubuntu, Xandros or Mepis and get it over with. While certain features of Vista are intriguing, there's nothing there that I can't or don't already have in XP with the notable exception of DirectX 10. Do the right thing MS - continue to make XP available to us all."

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