Windows XP vs. Vista: An Explosion of Opinion

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Mac Mania

"Mac OSX is my favorite operating system. However, in my work I have to use both Windows and Mac environments. At home I have a new iMac with Parallels Desktop seamlessly running Windows XP along with Mac OS. The set up allows me to run not only great Mac software, but to get on web sites that only work with Windows IE7 because of ActiveX controls. On my new Mac I can even run old MS-DOS programs that I still use from my office computers. There is only one flavor of the Mac OS at one affordable price, whichever is current; there is no need to choose from different flavors at different price points, home basic, not so basic business or overloaded, to get all the capabilities of the OS. Windows XP Professional SP2 that I use on all my PCs has been the most stable OS ever released by Microsoft. I never see the blue screen of death as often happened with previous versions. I hope to buy a new Mac laptop later this year and I hope that XP will still be available so I can install it on that machine and have the best of both worlds. I know I can run Vista with Parallels Desktop, but why bother when XP does the job I need so well. Keep XP in the stream!"

"The latest version of Microsoft's Operating System: Vista has led me to buying a MAC. This MAC will the first of 5 other machine buys to migrate from Microsoft. You would have thought that after all these years our Seattle friends would have figured it out."

"If I must 'learn' a new OS to use my new computer, I will buy an Apple computer." 

"After years of work and all the WOW Microsoft promised, this is what we got. A operating that is more about eye candy than simply just working or working better than XP. I may choose a mac as my next computer."

"I've already switched to MAC because of Microsofts' BS. It's hard to make a complete change after using PC's for 25 yrs., so I have a spare laptop with XP and will use it at times untill it dies."

"If XP goes next home computer will be a MAC..5 of my friends and relatives have gone MAC in the last 3 months rather than take a Vista employer has said NO TO VISTA and will not allow Vista machines into the corporate server for employees using personal machines to access work related materials."

"I used vista on a machine for about 10 days, then reverted the machine to XP for my wife's use. I have moved away from MS and personally use OS X and would never return to XP or Vista or any other MS operating system as I have found the Mac software more stable and very user friendly. I have even removed my boot camp version and my parallels software as I have found alternative software applications."

"XP ain't perfect, but at least I don't spend large chunks of time waiting for it to do something, like I did with Vista. I bought a laptop with Vista in the summer for work related purposes and was so fed up with its slowness that a few weeks ago I sold it and installed XP on my MacBook. I am now much more productive."

"I've been a PC user all my life. Now that I've had to deal with Vista, I'm now looking into a Mac. Who would of thought that an operating system would give so much grief? I can't find drivers that actually work!"

"I plan to become a Mac person."

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