Windows XP vs. Vista: An Explosion of Opinion

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The Right to Choose

"Big companies like Microsoft should not force computer companies like Dell, IBM, Gateway, etc., to sell only Vista. Consumers should be given the choice of what system they want in a PC."

"Look, I like MS, however why can't they let 'us' the consumer, decide which OS we want to use? Seems as though they want to push something on many of us that we dont want, or believe is better. So if they had us, the consumer in they're best interest, they'd continue selling XP (which has become a very good and reliable system) and while they 'imporve' Vista, then more of us will come around... (if we havent gone to MAC) in time. I like MS and I'll continue using windows 'HOWEVER' if I'm 'forced' to move to something I don't want to, then thats enough for me to put my loyalty toward another product. I dont like to be bullied and simply... I won't."

"With XP, I not only have the choice between the OS's, I also have a choice between IE versions, Media Player versions, etc. With Vista, I am pretty much stuck with what MS wants to integrate into their 'new' OS. I do not like anything higher than Media Player 9 and IE 6, with patches. I hate having to go three layers deep into Vista to find the stuff that used to be 'right there'. If Vista is so great, why have 'classic views'? If Vista is so great, why did I change all my settings back to look like 95/98/ME/XP? If Vista is so great, why aren't all those annoying 'permission to continue' prompts REAL security, rather than just a polite way of saying, "Hey, Stupid, do you really want to try to USE your computer?" If Vista is so great, why does it look so much like a Mac OS? If Vista is so great, why is there already a service pack to fix shyte that five hundred teams of 'whiz (ahem!) programmers left vulnerable to attacks and crashes?"

"I object to being dictated to as to what I buy, when I own the computer. I wouldn't mind so much if expensive upgrades were not necessary, ( if new operating systems could be run on comps. with existing power and RAM.) I think Microsoft likes to kick us all around!!"

"What possible rationale can they have for this, other than selfish ones (such as profit and maintaining image)? Limiting this choice and forcing the adoption of Vista is by no means good for consumers."

"People should always be given a choice. The strategic needs of large corporations must take second precedence to the wishes of the purchasing public. Large corporations run our lives -- and they shouldn't have that much control."

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