Windows XP vs. Vista: An Explosion of Opinion

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My Sister, My Guinea Pig

"My sister has vista for a business operation.... She reports a continuing list of problems. Tech support is nonexistent… Anything for a buck?"

"My younger sister bought a new HP preloaded with Vista and within 6 months she had to format the hard drive at least three times. It also took me almost an hour to configure the wireless for my daughters new laptop that I bought her as an early graduation present."

"I have used Vista on my sister's PC. She does not like it and I definitely do not like it. I can see very little, if any, improvement over XP. It seems to me that the most change is that Microsoft has given new names to essential files, folders, etc. and changed the way you access them. It also seems to me to just be a ploy to make more money."

"The computer company that installed XP on my sister's computer at work told her that Vista wasn't any good, and they were going to install XP instead."

"I've used Vista on my sister's machine and I wouldn't give a dime for it, thank you!" 

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