Apple to Credit iTunes Season Pass Holders

If you're an iTunes Season Pass holder, there could be some relief in your future. Apple has confirmed that it will offer two free episodes for subscribers to compensate them for the Hollywood writers strike.

Many of the shows available on iTunes will continue their seasons -- many will start up again within the next four weeks. So, the two free episodes is more of a thank you for sticking with us type of compensation. But what if your TV show isn't going to finish the season?

Apple has you covered there too. The company will credit users for the quantity of TV shows that did not air in their Season Pass. If your Season Pass was supposed to have 15 shows, but only 10 ran, you will receive credit for five shows.

The two free episode credit from Apple can be used to purchase TV shows, music videos or short films on the iTunes Store.

An email is being sent from Apple to Season Pass subscribers this afternoon telling them of the news.

The Writers Guild of America ended its three-month-old strike in mid-February.

This story, "Apple to Credit iTunes Season Pass Holders" was originally published by Macworld.

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