Save DOS: The Ultimate Antidote to Vista's Bloat

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Testimonials For DOS: The Deluge Begins

J. Archibald Dortmunder, business director for a leading New York P.R. firm, says that he noticed critical performance differences last year while his company evaluated Windows Vista.

"We tested Vista on one of our systems, and it ran, but just barely," Dortmunder says.

Then a lightbulb went on. Dortmunder remembered that there were perfectly good DOS-based PCs in the basement. "Some of them were even portable--with handles and everything!"

The results were spectacular, he said. "Those old PCs don't have browsers or graphics, so our employees do a lot less personal Web surfing now!"

Even gamers see the obvious benefits of DOS.

"Before I tried gaming on DOS, I preferred the Xbox 360," says L337 PwNX0Rz, 31, of Madison, Wisconsin. "But once I learned to edit my autoexec.bat file to allocate system memory, I got hooked on DOS-only games. Heck, my online Guild buddies can't stop talking about the new massively single-player, text-based game World of ZorkCraft."

DOS in the 21st Century...and Beyond

Conventional wisdom says that in 1981, Microsoft founder Bill Gates quipped, "640k [of RAM] ought to be enough for anybody." Actually, there's no such evidence he uttered those words. But he should have.They still ring true today.

And there's no reason why a DOS resurgence need be restricted to PCs. DOS's lean hardware requirements and intuitive command-line interface would make it an ideal platform for smart phones, for example. A DOS-based BlackBerry would make a compelling rival to Apple's pretty but unduly complex iPhone and to devices based on Google's unproven Android OS. 

In short, DOS is poised to reassert itself as the perfect operating system for 2008 and beyond. The ahead-of-its-time product that Microsoft introduced in 1981 represents not software's past but a bright, enticing future--and we can't wait for it to return to its rightful dominance.

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