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Is Microsoft losing its credibility? Most readers think it is. Do you agree? Join the discussion.

Predict the future: Will Microsoft deliver Windows 7 next year? Many readers are pretty sure it won't. Are you excited about Windows 7? Do you think it will be on time? Let us know.

If Microsoft isn't your cup of tea, perhaps you'd like the upcoming release of Ubuntu Linux 8.04, "Hardy Heron." Many in our community are excited about it. Join the discussion to share your enthusiasm or post questions about the OS.

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Is Microsoft Losing Credibility?

bdkennedy1 says: Windows got to be the number-one operating system because of Microsoft's business decisions, not because it's a wonderful operating system.

Mathion says: The wonder isn't that it's lost credibility, it's that it didn't lose it sooner.

Yert says: Microsoft is a brand that has power, so it needs to be a brand that has quality. That isn't always the case,

Uiriamusukotto says: Are we serious? I am a PC tech and have watched the OS evolution and Microsoft evolution occur since I was 8. As I grew so did Microsoft. If Microsoft's credibility is decreasing because of anything, its that it refuses to advertise on the stupid box as much as Apple.

Read the posts in this thread and contribute your own opinion.

Will Microsoft Deliver Windows 7 Next Year?

rgreen4 says: If Microsoft is consistent in anything with Windows, it's that it will be late. This has been true from the very first version, which was promised years ahead of when it was finally released.

Yert says: I doubt it. Windows 7 was planned three years after Vista, which would be in 2010... at the soonest, late 2009 if you're very, very lucky.

RNR19952 says: Once XP is gone from distributor channels the sales of PCs will die with any version of Windows on them, unless they still offer downgrade rights.

Gt909 says: I sometimes wish Microsoft would just drop off the face of the Earth. They keep on breaking things that work or making things that just don't work in the first place.

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Ubuntu Linux 8.04 Final Release Set for April 24

Squonk says: I eagerly await this release. Hardy Heron, in my experience using the beta, has been a lot more consistent and stable than its predecessor, the current stable release Gutsy Gibbon (7.10).

Kilme says: I'm really looking forward to it. After finishing upgrading my computer, I now have the old one lying around. I am planning on installing Ubuntu. Now a new version is coming out, so I'll have more to mess around with.

Chipbennett says: If, as I expect, 8.04 acts the same as previous upgrades, you will not have to install from scratch, but should be able to upgrade relatively painlessly.

Djsyntek says: I've been testing 8.02 beta on my work computer and have no problems so far. Ubuntu isn't my favorite distro, but the company is considering a move from Windows to a *nix system that is still easy for our operations department to use.

Read the posts in this thread and contribute your own opinion.

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