For VoIP management, specialized tools are a best practice 

Study shows these tools drastically cut IP telephony control costs

By  Robin Gareiss

The majority of companies implementing VoIP count on the tools that come with their IP PBXs - perhaps combined with some existing network-management tools - to keep track of the new gear.

But companies that buy specialty IP-telephony management tools spend less per employee to operate their VoIP system than those who rely on IP PBX or no tools at all, Nemertes Research has found.

In Nemertes' benchmark "Building the Successful Virtual Workplace," we asked 120 IT executives several VoIP-cost questions to arrive at a figure for an operational cost-per-unit (defined as an end station connected to the IP-telephony switches).

* With no IP-telephony management tools, companies spent $1,262 per unit per year to operate the system.

* Those using tools from the IP PBX vendor spent $405 per unit per year to operate the system.

* Those using specialty IP-telephony management tools spent only $113 per unit per year in operational costs.

The numbers speak for themselves. If you're considering or deploying VoIP, you'll save on operational costs by using monitoring/management tools from the PBX vendor, and even more by using specialty IP-telephony management tools. Keep this in mind when developing your budget and your return-on-investment analysis.

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