Nintendo Unveils New Wii Channel

According to Wired News, the Nintendo Channel will be available as a free download starting in mid-May.

The channel will be used to rate WiiWare games, compensation of sorts for the lack of demos, offer downloadable DS demos, as well as announcements on Nintendo happenings. A similar channel launched in Japan in November 2007 and features streaming game video and developer interviews.

On Thursday, Nintendo posted record sales and profits for the quarter ending in March. As one would expect, obscene Wii and DS demand spiked sales to 73 percent over the same period last year, resulting in near-double profits of $2.5 billion for the three month period. All is well in Kyoto.

Microsoft will release their Xbox quarterlies later today, followed by Sony on May 14.

In related news, IGN is reporting that three top developers of Nintendo-owned Retro Studios (which developed all three Metroid Prime games) have abruptly left the company. The reason for the departure is unclear, but Retro will continue to develop a to-be announced Wii game nevertheless.

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