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Forrester says that Apple will rule the living room by 2013, but our readers disagree. Are people just looking for cheap hardware? Does Apple really have a "love affair with consumers"? Tell us what you think.

Missing your tax rebate? You're not alone. Many other e-filers are also missing their checks. Join our discussion and share your story.

Is Microsoft Windows Vista's Account Control feature actually good for something? A new report shows that it's great at detecting rootkits. Vista enthusiasts celebrate, while haters lick their wounds. Do you leave UAC on? Let us know.

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Apple Will Rule the Living Room by 2013, Forrester Says

cb3431 says: No thanks. Apple isn't welcome in this household. No way am I paying the Apple tax when I can get the same thing from Dell, Sony, or HP for a lot less.

Mpheadley says: Give me a break! Most people will always buy the cheapest thing that works. And therefore, it's not going to be Apple!

Rgeiken says: Sounds a little "pie in the sky." I have five iPods in my house and they are all there for a specific purpose. I don't own any other Apple products. I don't think that I want any company in my living room that requires so much attention to keep their products running.

Spaul40 says: You say Jobs has a "love affair with consumers." That's why he bricked the iPhone that had been modified--to please his customers! No, Jobs is a hardware freak.

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Where's My Tax Rebate, Uncle Sam?

hawhite says: I used Turbo Tax as well, and I never let them deduct it from the refund. I have been under the impression that Intuit gets the refund and then forwards it to you, in some form or another. If some form of management of the refund occurs, I am sure there is some overhead that has to happen, by some party that I assume is not the federal government. From the government's perspective, it either wasn't direct-deposited to one account that you own or it wasn't direct deposited to you alone.

Smax013 says: I agree that it is strange that having the $20 fee deducted rather than paying for a credit card would cause a delay. It would be nice to have a full technical explanation. I can only assume that a refund that has the $20 fee deducted is processed differently than a refund that has the fee paid by a credit card...and the difference in the processing results in the IRS not direct-depositing your rebate. My rebate has already been deposited...but then I paid the fee with a credit card like I always do.

Mslw57 says: I used H&R Block and let the $14.99 be deducted. I'm still waiting on my money also. We can't call and just cuss out the IRS, so we will just have to wait.

JimC says: What about those of us who owed money and had the IRS take the money out of our checking account? Nobody is talking about this scenario. The IRS has my checking account information. According to their schedule my tax rebate check should have been deposited weeks ago, yet I have not received it. I can only assume that my check is going to be mailed to me. I can't understand why. If they can take money out of my checking account, why then can't they put money into my account?

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Vista's Despised UAC Nails Rootkits, Tests Find

JeffAHayes says: I've never once minded having to click through the UACs. I've never really understood all the fuss about it. It's for our protection, and it's usually not all that much of a hassle--just an extra click or two. Discovering now that it's actually the very best defense against rootkits is finally something rewarding to the Vista Experience, as up until now I really didn't know if there truly was a surefire defense against rootkits.

Piyushsingh says: I have always considered UAC as second best feature in Vista, but the bad thing is that it is often disabled by most people. I always keep it on.

Adama says: I just received this article and it makes me feel good about my decision to always have UAC turned on. A lot of people complain about having to deal with all the prompts, but it never bothered me one bit.

RNR19952 says: I would like to hear from people in the business that think UAC is "security." It's about as mind numbing as those stupid prompts that ask "are you sure you want to exit?" This is the first report on UAC that actually states it does something, besides annoy someone with an IQ over 80. I would think it is about as useful as my TV asking me "are you sure you want to change the channel?"

Read the posts in this thread and contribute your own opinion.

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