Google Launches App Engine, Shows Off Android

Google's I/O developer's conference is underway today in San Francisco. So far, the company has announced pricing for its new App Engine service, which provides an all-in-one package for launching Web applications, demo'd an Android phone, and talked about the future of the Web with cloud computing. 

Silicon Alley Insider has the App Engine pricing details, which starts out with a free quota, as does eWeek. For some background on just what the service offers, take a look at an April post I wrote when Google launched the App Engine preview.

There's also plenty of good stuff in TechCrunch's extensive and ongoing post, including images of a hot-looking Android demo phone. There are more photos and videos of the Android demo from the Android community.

Finally, BusinessWeek's Rob Hof has a blog up that touches on Google's approach to cloud computing.  He writes that he'll be updating his entry as he sees more.

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