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Macs vs. PCs, Intel vs. AMD, Microsoft vs. Google… we recently came up with a list of 14 tech rivalries and invited readers to pick the winners. Thousands of people participated in the polls, and the online discussion was heated. A few readers named rivalries that they'd like to see voted on; many others staunchly supported their favorite technologies. Join the fun by voting in the online polls and seeing what other readers picked, and stop by the discussion group for more rough-and-tumble debate.

Microsoft Windows 7 is still at the rumor stage, but our readers are already declaring it a dud. Are you looking forward to Windows 7? Join the discussion.

Are desktop PCs becoming obsolete? Some people think they are a waste of space, while others think laptops are woefully underpowered. Are you a laptop or a desktop person? Tell us what you think.

The top stories this week cover Dell being found guilty of fraud, classic tech rivalries, and Firefox 3. To vote for your own favorites, click one of the thumbs-up icons on an article's page.

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14 Classic Tech Rivalries

vanney88 says: Poor effort! Why was Internet Explorer up against Netscape, not Firefox? And Betamax vs. VHS is not even in the list.

blackcross says: It's nice of you to continue to falsely promote the myth that Macs are more expensive. That became a myth a long time ago. Sure, you can get cheaper PCs--but take a PC from one of the big-name companies and put equivalent capabilities, components, and design in it and it costs more and runs slower (games not included).

cheesepipe says: Why do computer magazines more than any other media source continue to perpetuate the falsehood that the Mac OS X operating system is more secure than Windows? This simply isn't true and has been shown as such in repeated tests.

Jdcast02 says: Funny how gripers often seem to miss the full titles. It says "classic rivalries," as in "it shaped our world." IE vs. Firefox or HD-DVD vs. Blu-ray are just too recent.

Read the posts in this thread and contribute your own opinion.

Windows 7: The Story So Far

Aramaiti69 says: Forget about all those irrelevant factors. Users are more concerned with the issue of compatibility and hardware requirements. There is no point in launching another OS if users' needs are not attended to.

Kwjordan says: Microsoft obviously couldn't care less about users' needs. When XP becomes unavailable, some company other than Microsoft will take the lead, unless Microsoft wakes up and starts caring about the customers.

JimH443 says: Okay, the handwriting is on the wall. Microsoft isn't admitting that all the things that people are complaining about in Vista are mistakes. Windows 7 is apparently going to be nothing more than a repackaged Vista. Linux is looking more attractive by the minute.

Rmb7 says: Well, I was hearing Windows 7 will look like Windows Vista but act like Windows XP. Instead of it taking up all your RAM and spitting it out when you need it, it will act like XP where it barely takes up any and leaves the rest for everything else. Its hardware compatibility will be like XP too, so XP is still kind of the future.

Read the posts in this thread and contribute your own opinion.

Desktops Becoming a Less Viable Business

AuroraDizon says: You can always hook up big flat monitors to your laptop. I have a monitor hooked up to my laptop that provides me with dual screens. Even if never use it as a mobile device the laptop has a lot to offer space wise.

Adama says: This is my first laptop and I just love it. I always have it plugged in though, and hardly ever use its mobility, even though I love the fact that I can take it anywhere with me.

Piyushsingh says: Laptops are actually good for nothing. They aren't portable in first case (excluding the ultralight ones). They lack power in comparison with desktops. You have to put in another keyboard and a mouse to play games--and don't forget the speakers.

Coastie65 says: I think there is and will always be a place for both. Personally, I don't have a use for a laptop. I spend enough time on the computer at home and certainly don't want to add to it by carrying the thing with me wherever I go.

Read the posts in this thread and contribute your own opinion.

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