The 10 Funniest Apple-Ad Parodies

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Can You Be Too Thin? Lenovo vs. MacBook Air

Macbook Air original
Call it the notebook battle of the bulge. Apple released its svelte MacBook Air earlier this year, along with a fat-budget ad campaign. Apple's ad showed a MacBook Air laptop being slipped out of a manila envelope, a demonstration of the 0.76-inch-thick machine's ultraportability.

Lenovo ThinkBook X300 Air parody
Not long after, Lenovo released the ThinkPad X300, which, while very skinny, wasn't quite as slim as the Air. Perhaps feeling a tad insecure about its body image, Lenovo lashed out, making fun of some of the compromises that Apple had made to shave inches from the Air. A hand pulls the Air out of a manila folder, attaches a graphics card, a USB hub, an external DVD drive, and assorted other peripherals, and then tries to shove them all back into the envelope, tearing it in the process.

SNL: A Veritable Apple-Ad Parody Factory

Saturday Night Live has been poking fun at Apple commercials since at least 1995. (Check out this original Mac ad and the parody with the tagline: "Macintosh: The Power to Crush the Other Kids.") Over the years the show has also satirized the Macintosh Classic II, and even Apple products that don't actually exist.

iPhone Saturday Night Live parody
But it was a spoof of Apple's "black backdrop" Apple iPhone ads that might have gotten SNL the most laughs. On November 3, 2007, SNL comedian Fred Armisen did a take on the highly stylized ad, making fun of some of the "pinch it" gestures that the iPhone's interface supports.

Some eagle eyes spotted that the iPhone used in the commercial had undergone jailbreaking to run iPhone applications not sanctioned by Apple.

(Around the same time, another video SNL spoof of Apple's "black backdrop" ad leaked to the Web. This "punch 'n' run" version of the iPhone ad was a bit more outrageous and never ran on NBC, but is available at Gizmodo.)

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