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10:15 PT - DM: The video gets a round of applause. Maybe it'll be up for an Oscar (fingers crossed). Jobs returns to stage: "That gives you an idea of what we're doing in Enterprise." Scott Forstall is going to come out next to talk about the SDK.

10:15 PT - JS: Nice iPhone 2.0 tidbit from Dan Frakes as seen in the video: as you're entering your password, you can see the last character that you typed, making it a lot easier to make sure you're typing your password correctly.

10:14 PT - JS: Great line from the military official, who points out that they're one of the few groups in the world that is very mobile, deploys globally, and has people shooting at them.

10:12 PT - DM: We're getting an assortment of executives from corporations and the military. Disney's been testing the beta release for the past few months, apparently (big surprise). We're seeing a few of the new features, like contact searching, Exchange support, push calendaring, etc. Security is also a big part of the 2.0 release and enterprise features.

10:11 PT - DM: The Enterprise markets have participated in beta program: 35 percent of the Fortune 500 has participated in beta program. Top five commercial banks, top five securities, 6 of 7 top airlines, 8 of 10 top pharmaceutical companies, and 8 of 10 top entertainment companies have participated. Phenomenal participation of higher education as well. Going to show a video of Enterprise customers.

10:11 PT - JS: This is basically a recap of Apple's previous SDK event a few months back. Good stuff, though.

10:09 PT - DM: iPhone 2.0 software has three parts to it: enterprise support, the SDK, and some new end-user features. "Let me start with the enterprise. Customers have demanded Microsoft Exchange, so they've built it in out of the box for 2.0 software: push email, push contacts, push calendar, auto-discovery of Exchange servers, global address lookup, and remote wipe security feature. All built in to iPhone 2.0 software. They've added secure VPN services from Cisco and other network service demanded by the Enterprise market. Everything that Apple was told enterprise users want, they've built in.

10:08 PT - DM: Let's talk about the iPhone. We're going to talk about iPhone 2.0 first. It's "a giant step forward" from where we've been, and it's got the SDK in it. In the 95 days since the SDK was announced, over 250,000 have downloaded it. Over 25,000 people have applied to the paid developer program. Admitted 4,000 people to the program so far.

10:07 PT - DM: Let's get started. There's three parts to Apple now: the first part is the Mac, the second part is the music business - the iPod and iTunes, and the third part is the iPhone (no mention of the Apple TV!). Now I'm gonna take this morning to talk about the iPhone first, so Scott Forstall and Phil Schiller will be coming out to talk about the iPhone. Then after lunch, developers are going to get a peek at OS X Snow Leopard (that's right, it's official).

10:06 PT - DM: Steve Jobs is taking the stage, to rampant applause from the audience. He's wearing a pair of denim overalls...okay, kidding. Black turtleneck and jeans all the way. "We've been working really hard on some great stuff that we can't wait to share with you." There are a record 5200 attendees here. "Wish we could have had more, but we sold out." They can't find a bigger venue than this. 147 sessions; 85 on the Mac and 62 on the iPhone, so it's "gonna be packed." 169 hands-on labs, over 1000 engineers on site, and sessions on iFund and Intel. "One of the best WWDCs ever."

10:05 PT - DM: They're dimming the lights, so we're probably about to get started. I hope none of these people stand up or it's going to be very, very irritating. And we've left off with "Great Balls of Fire.

10:05 PT - JS: The cheers were definitely for Al Gore, a member of Apple's board. I believe he might have held elective office at some point as well. I don't know if he brought his Oscar, though. Probably not. Those things are heavy.

10:02 PT - DM: They've now asked us to turn off our electronic devices. I love that they specifically mention that you turn off your iPhones. Because everybody here has iPhones. If you've got a Blackberry, go ahead and leave it on: because it's *rubbish*.

10:01 PT - DM: Clearly, something important has just happened. Lots of people have stood up. I think Steve Jobs is making a running entrance, Stephen Colbert-style or something. Unfortunately, everybody's standing up, so we have no idea what's going on.

9:59 PT - JS: Macworld's own Heather Kelly is here with us to take some photos of the event as it happens, so stay tuned for that as soon as things kick off.

9:55 PT - DM: Ooh, they're playing "Roll over, Beethoven." Nice. I too need a shot of rhythm and blues.

9:51 PT - JS: Playing Bo Diddley in honor of the late, great musician. Nice touch. I'm sitting here next to Dan Moren, Dan Frakes, frequent Macworld contributor Glenn Fleishman, and Daring Fireball's own John Gruber.

9:50 PT - DM: Good morning and welcome to Macworld's live coverage of the WWDC '08 Keynote event. I'm your host Associate Editor Dan Moren, alongside Editorial Director Jason Snell. We'll be here for the next two hours, typing furiously in the hopes of catching everything Steve Jobs says and does. Right now, the music's playing and people are still getting seated.

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