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Apple announced the new iPhone 3G on Monday, and our discussion forums were immediately buzzing.

"Five Reasons to Buy the Apple iPhone 3G" covers what's exciting about the new handset, but some readers still aren't convinced. Are you looking forward to the iPhone 3G? Let us know.

"Apple and AT&T Drop Revenue Sharing, Boost Data Plan Costs" looks at the behind-the-scenes deals needed to keep the iPhone 3G's price low. What do you think about how it all adds up for the consumer?

In "8 Unanswered Questions About Apple's 3G iPhone," Harry McCracken sets aside the hype to take a good look at the new iPhone, and readers respond with questions of their own. Want to add to our list? Join the discussion.

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Five Reasons to Buy the Apple iPhone 3G

reelfan says: For someone like me who has 75GB of music on my Mac, 8GB just ain't cutting it. I can't imagine how many songs, videos, or pics I would be removing just to load all of the nifty iPhone applications that will be available in July. At a minimum the 16GB is the way to go. The 8GB feels a bit cramped.

BlackFoxfour says: I'm still not ready to run out and trade in my Blackberry 8320 Curve just yet.

Adyap says: I also want a 5-megapixel camera and built-in stereo FM tuner. Currently, I am looking at the new Nokia N96, which is better than iPhone as far as these features are concerned.

EricTetz says: Why do I keep seeing these clueless articles about the iPhone "price drop"?! They raised the data service by $10/month on a required two-year contract, so the service cost has gone up by $240. You can buy an iPhone today for under $300. So the new iPhone is more expensive by well over $100.

Read the posts in this thread and contribute your own opinion.

Apple and AT&T Drop Revenue Sharing, Boost Data Plan Costs

Maarek says: In Europe and Asia, you buy an unlocked phone and the carriers compete for your service. So the prices of plans and data plans are cheaper than in the States. South Korea probably has a free data service, since they've been upgrading their communication systems for the past couple of years.

TROCKS says: Anyone who looks at this compared to the cost of the original phone is being an idiot. This is about comparing costs to any other phone that is offered on the market... and with a reduced cost data plan and a phone priced between $200-300... this will now be the best value on the market.

Percyhanna says: $30 per month is a normal data plan rate. What is there to complain about? If they were to charge more for an iPhone 3G data plan than a non-iPhone 3G data plan then there might be some argument there.

Jjohn says: I think you were the only one surprised by this news. The cost has gone from below average to average, the previous price being a reflection of the lesser network performance.

Read the posts in this thread and contribute your own opinion.

8 Unanswered Questions About Apple's 3G iPhone

jtlapp says: I won't buy an iPhone until it's available from Sprint. AT&T was unable to keep my phone service on at my house for more than a few days at a time and forced me to pay a $100 early termination fee before I could get reliable service elsewhere. On the other hand, I've had Sprint on my cell phone for seven years, and they go out of their way to accommodate me, always giving me the benefit of the doubt when ever there is a problem. Let me choose my carrier.

Tkmx says: Additional questions: 9. Where's instant messaging via an iChat-like program, or is that for third-party developers to sort out? 10. What about a front-mounted camera for 3G video calls and video chat?

Torin says: #9 for me: When will Flash capability be available on our iPhones' browser? So many Web sites use Flash so heavily. It's probably my main complaint (iLove my iPhone otherwise).

BlackFoxfour says: Hmm, the IPhone looks nice and all, but I'm still not ready to trade my BlackBerry 8320 Curve for it. The modem feature is a must have. Since the BlackBerry now has turn-by-turn GPS navigation and it functions as a high-speed modem, I just cant trade it yet.

Read the posts in this thread and contribute your own opinion.

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