Windows XP, Vista--and Windows 7?

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Microsoft has confirmed that Windows 7 will be released in January of 2010. Are you waiting to upgrade, or do you think the date will get pushed back? Join the discussion.

A thank-you note from Linux to Microsoft? Some readers think that Vista's problems have driven adoption of Linux, but others say that Linux isn't ready for wide adoption. Share your opinion.

XP is being put out to pasture. Is this a good thing or a tragedy? Let us know what you think.

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Microsoft VP Confirms Windows 7 Ship Date: January 2010

BKA4U2C says: I think I remember reading an article here about switching to Vista to get a jump on the next Windows release, which is pretty much what Microsoft is saying here. Basically, if you've worked out all of your compatibilities with Vista, switching to Windows 7 "should" go smoothly. The problem is, some people aren't going to switch to Vista and we'll get the same crap argument over again, especially since it will use the same kernel as Vista and Server 2008.

Shanedr says: The only thing you can count on with a Windows shipping date is that it will be at least one year later.

Rgeiken says: I wouldn't be interested in incorporating it until January 2011 anyhow. Better to wait from 6 months to a year after initial release in order to have a chance of getting a more stable OS.

Zeth006 says: I think the general opinion is that we should view any initial release of Windows 7 with caution. By then, my desktop will be running the 64-bit version of Windows Vista and my current laptop will still be on Vista Home Basic. If Windows 7 promises increased performance and an even more user-friendly UI, then I might be tempted to switch over. I'll wait and see.

Read the posts in this thread and contribute your own opinion.

Dear Microsoft, Thanks for the Help, Linux

Evildave says: Muahahahaha! A bit of schadenfreude, I know. It's so nice to watch Microsoft self-destruct like this.

Butlerwm says: I've been a Linux proponent for many years. However, I'm realistic enough to recognize Linux has a long way to go in the "ease of use" department.

Bluefalconloyd says: Vista is a great operating system, I own a 64-bit copy of Home Premium and do everything from gaming to college work to software development on it. The general public just needs to upgrade their 4-5-year-old PCs and become more knowledgeable with computers in our techno-savvy society.

300DShooter says: This has got to be one of the silliest articles on PC in a long time. XP is very long in the tooth; Vista and 7 are the future; and Linux won't be more than a geek toy for a very long time. It's time to give this "Vista Is Crap" mantra a break. It works fine, as good or better than XP, so please give it a rest.

Read the posts in this thread and contribute your own opinion.

FAQ: XP Deathwatch, T Minus 1 Week

rkinne01 says: Thank God it's time to put the old girl down! Vista is better.

Pipercub says: Sorry, but I am going to wait for what they are calling Windows 7. There's no use in getting Vista and a year or so later find out that they will have a much better product and possibly a complete remake of Windows.

Lodave says: XP works just fine, thank you. Who needs either Vista or 7? No doubt some mysterious and untraceable malware will soon appear online or secreted within some innocuous and popular third-party software to sabotage the systems owned by the public or businesses who insist on clinging to XP, and of course the only solution will be "discovered" to be an "upgrade" to Vista or 7. After all, they can't sell new OS versions if the existing ones still do the job!

Knifeblade says: How many XP systems decide to hold off until 7 and bypass Vista? I expect to wait for 7 and see if it or Vista would be better for me.

Read the posts in this thread and contribute your own opinion.

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