Gripes: Vista, iPhones in Canada, Cell Phone Laws

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Is it dumb to use Windows Vista instead of XP? As usual, there are many readers on both sides of the issue. Let us know what you think.

Canadians are unhappy with iPhone pricing, although a few of our readers point out that they shouldn't be. If you have an opinion on Canadian iPhone pricing, share it with us.

California has enacted a ban on driving while talking on a mobile phone without a hands-free headset. Is this a good law? Does it address the real problem? Join the discussion.

We launched some changes to last week, including a redesigned Downloads section. Come to our Community Forum and tell us what you think.

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Using Vista Instead of XP Is Dumb

new61 says: I have Vista and I like it a lot better then XP. It performs just as good as XP for me and it looks much cooler. The only reason anyone would not like Vista is if they had a sucky system. Does anyone remember when a new OS came out people were shocked at how much memory it needed?

Poglatg says: If Microsoft wants to remain relevant, they have to stop treating their customers like scum. Forcing them to upgrade to a product that is highly unpopular is a market-share-killing mistake. A typical home user just wants to surf the Web, print some photos, and write a letter and other such simple tasks. Their old machine will work fine. Why should they be forced to upgrade their computer for a pretty-picture upgrade to an operating system?

Dprozzo says: Is this guy completely out of his mind? In my hands Vista Home Premium is a superb OS out of the box. Tweaks and customizations are possible with any OS, but Vista has needed fewer (to make may happy) than any of its forerunners.

Okiok says: I agree with the original post. Vista sucks, period. It is a repolished XP. Not worth the upgrade and not worth a penny. Smart people will notice right away that, Vista is not a major upgrade. Shame on Microsoft to put out a repolished XP and call it a new OS.

Read the posts in this thread and contribute your own opinion.

Canadians Blast iPhone Pricing

CanadianInAmerica says: It looks like regardless of where Rogers plunks down a cell phone tower, each tower is going to (on average) serve far less people than each AT&T tower that gets plunked down in America. Thus the cost of the network in America is a lot more profitable, and prices for subscriptions can go down a lot. So, I think Canadians should be thankful that Rogers invested in a 3G network at all. It must have been very expensive for them to build, and if they were to match AT&T's rates, they would go bankrupt.

Br930 says: Areas of high density are more extensive in the United States for certain (which means there are much bigger viable markets there). However, within the cities of Canada, there are viable markets too. And Rogers should be able to make a lot of money by building towers and offering service in those markets.

Lc31c says: Rogers has proper prices on their plans. I do not understand why everyone is so mad. No one bothers to read what Rogers has posted: "While the iPhone 3G Voice and Data Packages allow you to use this device to its fullest and offer savings over separate voice and data plans, they are not the only options available to you. Other pricing options are available." This means that you do not have to pay what is posted on their site.

Read the posts in this thread and contribute your own opinion.

California Enacts Cell Phone Driving Ban

poglatg says: In Australia it has been the law that you must use a hands-free whilst driving for a number of years; it has been in Britain for even longer. I just assumed that it would be in the States as well.

mjd420nova says: I am very happy that it is now a law in California. I get pretty tired of sitting behind some dummy on the phone while doing 45 in a 65 zone. Their reactions are slow and usually to the extreme.

Mpheadley says: Oh goody! Another state government that doesn't care about thinking! The reality here is, people are still going to do 45 in a 60! People are still going to be distracted! Why? Because it is their conversation they are fully concentrating on, and not whether or not they are physically holding a cell phone.

Adama says: With all the teenagers talking on their cell phone while driving, how long do you think their parents will stand having to pay $$$ mucho bucks for fines?

Read the posts in this thread and contribute your own opinion.

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