Apple Opens ITunes App Store

Apple opened the App Store on Thursday, providing access to iPhone and iPod touch applications to users of iTunes.

To run and install the software, users will need a device using the iPhone 2.0 software, currently only available to purchasers of new iPhone 3G models. (The iPhone 3G is on sale now, as it's after midnight on Friday in New Zealand.)

However, those without the 2.0 software can still browse and buy software on the App Store. Though there's no direct link to the App Store on the iTunes Store's top page, a search for a particular app or topic--"Twitter," for example--will bring up App Store search results. From there, you can click on the App Store button in the iTunes navigation bar to bring you to the App Store home page.

The App Store already includes hundreds of apps, including numerous free utilities. Among them is Apple's own Remote, which controls iTunes 7.7 remotely. Other free apps include an AIM instant-messaging client from AOL, Google Mobile, TypePad, and an iPhone version of the Twitterrific Twitter client.

Stay tuned to Macworld for more information on the App Store throughout the day.

This story, "Apple Opens ITunes App Store" was originally published by Macworld.

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