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The iPhone 3G was released last week, and our forums have been buzzing about it ever since. But I know that not everyone is into iPhone madness, so I added a non-iPhone story this week, too.

Our Test Labs found that he battery life on the iPhone 3G is mediocre--but nonetheless, it still beats its AT&T rivals. Read our updated test report, then tell us what you think about the results--and the new finding that some RIM BlackBerrys run longer.

The iPhone may have lots of great new features, but there are several that we think it still lacks. Check out our list, and let us know what else it's missing.

What's the greatest keyboard of all time? Many think it's the IBM Model M. Check out our slide show with details on the Model M, and then join the discussion on this keyboard and other reader favorites.

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3G iPhone's Battery Life Beats AT&T Rivals--But EvDO BlackBerrys Run Longer

ekrub says: Sure, but which of the phones have a replaceable battery and/or the option for a stronger battery? With my Treo, I could opt for a stronger battery and take a spare when I traveled. I love my iPhone and (now) iPhone 3G. I'll just have to keep a portable charger in my bag.

Chabig says: I don't think you'll ever see a replaceable battery in an iPod or iPhone. It would make the device too big and it would reduce the battery life--that's right, battery life is worse with a removable battery. However, you can be sure that Apple will continue to push the chip makers for lower-power chips.

Pfhat says: The complete omission of 3G BlackBerrys make the conclusion that the 3G iPhone is better than all its rivals entirely invalid and unproven.

Yardena says: I will be happy to include battery life for a 3G BlackBerry when we get one. The Bold isn't out yet.

Read the posts in this thread and contribute your own opinion.

10 Things the 3G iPhone is Still Missing

Dabbler says: I would have thought a replaceable battery would have been top on the list. I'm amazed that people will spend $200 on a phone they will have to spend another $100 on to replace the battery when it no longer holds a full charge. And what if your battery runs out midday?? I carry a spare for my Motorola just in case so I can always stay in contact with my clients.

Feldzmo says: Everybody seems to be forgetting the one app that would be the true killer app for the iPhone, namely dictation software--software that would let a user dictate an outgoing e-mail that could be retrieved on a home computer, then to be printed or filed.

Davesmall says: What's missing is the ability to use the iPhone as a 3G modem for connecting a laptop. This has been number one on my list of most wanted features since before the release of the first iPhone. Once in a while I need Internet connectivity when I'm out of range and don't have a Wi-Fi hotspot. That doesn't happen often enough to justify yet another AT&T Data Plan and separate 3G card for my MacBook Pro.

Rub114 says: This iPhone is a lot worse than the old one! I have had it for one day and I am about to go return it. It stays connected to 3G in my apartment, where I get no bars--and doesn't switch to EDGE. I cannot receive or make any calls--unless I manually disconnect 3G. Absolute rubbish!

Read the posts in this thread and contribute your own opinion.

Inside the World's Greatest Keyboard

dhood23 says: I've had my Model M for at least 10 years--got it secondhand. Although mine is only a shadow of the original (mine was manufactured in 1994), it's still, hands down, the best keyboard I've ever owned. I also have two backups in case this one ever breaks down. I've found that other keyboards stress the tendons in my wrist after long usage. This is the only keyboard that I can type on for extended periods without my wrists tiring.

Marcmandev says: Yeah, it's the click and feel that makes these keyboards so desirable. A buddy recently called me and said he had purchased a pickup box full of old computers. My first question: any IBM keyboards? I found one Model M IBM keyboard and a whole bunch of off-brand, nearly identical knockoffs. It was heaven on earth. Curiously, nearly every one of those keyboards had little notes taped to the underside. Each note read: "lower case -- password." Pure nostalgia.

Bluefalconloyd says: The clicking feel of the older keyboards might be desirable to some...but to me it's a pain to hear. I type so fast it just sounds like a machine gun going off when typing with one of those keyboards.

Dermatea says: The IBM Model M is a good keyboard. The construction is of very high quality, but to me, the feel is just too ancient, and the click is excessively loud. It's also not good for playing games due to the nature of the keys (at least for me). Furthermore, it clashes with my other hardware, which is nowhere near as old. It's a bit on the ugly side, (as is nearly all beige-colored hardware) and its bulk is obtrusive.

Read the posts in this thread and contribute your own opinion.

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