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There's a new search engine called Cuil, developed by a former Google search index leader. However, early tests by our readers suggest that it's not really all that great. Give it a try, then tell us what you think.

Have you upgraded to Microsoft Windows Vista? If not, are you willing to give Vista a chance? As usual, some readers say that Vista's terrible, and others say that it's really not all that bad. Join the discussion.

What do you want to see on Guitar Hero: World Tour? A possible set list has been leaked and readers are already starting to weigh in on the options. Tell us what you want to see on the next Guitar Hero, and why.

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Ex-Googler, Husband Launch New Cuil Search Engine

MartinTurow says: Congratulations Cuil and best of luck to you in this endeavor. Google definitely needs competition and has become somewhat of arrogant monster in how they treat people. Hopefully you won't turn out to be that way and will remember your humble roots.

Bmjenkins82 says: I just tried the new search engine and it's a joke. Sure it will find pages if you're looking for simple things, but I tried obscure searches that Google found with no problem and this search engine just says "sorry, no matches." Keep on trying, but it doesn't look like my home page is going to change anytime soon.

Fretless says: I also just tried it and am thoroughly unimpressed. I did a search for "silver cufflinks," a search I've done on Google before. First, the site was excruciatingly slow. Then it kept coming up with hits for Russian sites where I couldn't have purchased the cufflinks if I tried. It kept coming up with a picture of a certain pair of cufflinks on the search page, but when I clinked on the pair, I was brought to another page altogether. Sorry kids, nice try. I'm sticking with what's tried and true.

Aerospaced says: I had a go at it too. I tried the word "photo," and it began doing its thing. I went to the fridge and fetched a drink--I came back in time to see it finish. I didn't see what I wanted, so I put in my company name. Nope, not there either. Hmm, I've been here 20 years now; Google and Yahoo have no problem finding me.

Read the posts in this thread and contribute your own opinion.

Give Vista Another Chance

tenney67 says: I think Microsoft should never have allowed the whole "Vista Ready" computer mess to happen. Clearly state what is needed to safely run the software and don't play games with your customers.

Tomadamstx says: I help average people with their computers. It's a shame that there has to be any learning curve or issues with a third- or fourth-generation OS. I still think the advantages are not worth upgrading at this point due to the cost. If you are buying a new machine, then it is probably best to go to Vista, but a lot of users need some help getting started with it. Why Microsoft changed some of the things they did (like calling My Computer, just Computer) is beyond me.

Olddave208 says: Microsoft missed the boat with Vista. They should hire somebody who actually uses computers to test new software. The geeks that test the software are very computer savy and can adapt to new software in a matter of days. The average person is still having problems with XP. They cannot fathom the fact that one needs to spend additional money to protect their computer on the Internet.

Mcbarker says: I think David Feng forgets that Windows 2000 was released as a business system, with emphasis on more easily setting up networks and other business applications. In that respect, it was an excellent upgrade. Comparing it to Windows 98 is very much an apples to oranges comparison. It was never intended as a system for average home users, even though many home users, upon hearing the usual hype, installed it anyway, then complained loudly about its incompatibilities.

Read the posts in this thread and contribute your own opinion.

Possible Preview of the Guitar Hero: World Tour Set

bobbarkerfan1 says: I'm kinda disapointed by this song list. They have good artists (Foo Fighters, Weezer, Blink-182, etc.), but they picked bad songs from those artists. It looks better than GH3 though, and it will have more than just guitar, so some songs won't be too bad to get through.

MasterGunner001 says: I'm not 100 percent sure that this is legit, but there are a bunch of awesome artists in the set list. I agree with bobbarkerfan1 though; those artists have made better songs than the ones in the set list.

Brent212 says: While I agree that a huge amount of songs for both Rock Band and Guitar Hero are horrible songs by bands with much better songs, there's no question that Dope Nose is by far the best Weezer song for GH.

Read the posts in this thread and contribute your own opinion.

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