Web-to-mail Service Gets Around Work Site Bans

If your company blocks your favorite blog and you absolutely can't wait to read the latest post (and you don't have a smartphone capable of browsing), then a new site has a free solution for you. 

Send WebToMail an e-mail (at send@webtomail.co.cc) with a URL as the subject, and a few minutes later you'll receive an HTML e-mail of that page.  The e-mail won't look the same as the page in a browser, as it won't arrange menus and site navigation properly, but it includes images and works fine to read the content on the page.

It's both a sneaky and novel approach to getting around workplace site blocking - and WebToMail is entirely up-front about its goal.  The first line of text at the site reads "Are you at job and you can only check your mails? This is your solution." 

A whois lookup indicates that the co.cc domain is registered to someone in South Korea. If you're curious about trying the service but understandably leery about sending a site your e-mail address, try signing up for a throwaway Gmail or Yahoo account.  Unless, of course, your workplace blocks those sites also.

As Killerstartups.com points out, if you want to view a link on the site you requested, you have to send another request and wait another few minutes, so this isn't a good option for any real surfing. I'd say it would be best for keeping up with new entries on a blog or forum.

Now, if you're the party-pooper responsible for creating and maintaining those site blocks and you want to close this particular loophole, simply block incoming e-mail from webtomail.co.cc at your mail server.

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