End of Windows, Gas Crisis Scams, Laptop Seizures

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Microsoft is preparing for the end of Windows with a cloud computing project called Midori, and some readers are not happy about it. Is this an inevitable evolution or a wrong direction for most real-world users? Tell us what you think. (And don't miss what longtime contributing editor Steve Bass and his blog readers have to say about Midori in Tips & Tweaks.)

Feeling the pinch at the gas pump? Many of us are, and high prices are fueling Web sites with dubious offers to reduce the cost. Do techniques like HHO conversion work, or are they just a waste of money? Join the discussion.

Can airport security seize your laptop and keep it indefinitely? The U.S. Department of Homeland Security says they can, and many readers are outraged. Should airport officials be able to take your hardware in the name of security? Tell us what you think.

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Microsoft Prepares for End of Windows With Midori

YukonCornelius says: Yes, Windows must change--as will every OS, including Apple and Linux. However, you are looking at years out, and the process will be gradual. It won't be the shock this article is predicting. Midori is currently just a research project at Microsoft. It may or may not see the light of day.

Jazurell says: Another example of Microsoft's arrogance. What about the folks who are still using dial-up and can't get high speed access? I'll just bet they can't hardly wait to do all their computer work at the speed of dial-up.

BAMT says: I also oppose cloud-computing and remote apps because if anything goes wrong remotely you're screwed. Also, traveling with a laptop would be very difficult.

Cballinger says: A system so tightly integrated would also be a system easily targeted for intrusion. Microsoft has shown repeatedly that its OS environment has never been structured to protect applications or even itself from attack. Would you want your heart monitor, respirator, EKG, pharmacy, etc. hooked up to a system that is hackable from China/Iran/Iraq, etc.? I think I'd pass on that myself, thanks Microsoft.

Read the posts in this thread and contribute your own opinion.

Gas Crisis Fuels Dubious Online Offers

HermanJen213 says: Question....Have you used one of these kits to call them "rubbish"? I used the manual I purchased from water4fuel.info and did exactly as instructed. So far I've been able to save an estimated $670 at the pump in 9 months with this "rubbish" as your so-called expert says and my car (1999 Ford Crown Victoria) is doing just fine.

Gundark says: If these devices really could increase fuel economy while allowing the engine to run at peak efficiency, the automakers would already have them installed. Bragging rights, you know? I'm an engineer in the automotive field and a talented mechanic. Scientifically speaking, the device cannot work as advertised.

McBarker says: If you think the water-enhanced car works, then I have just the thing for you... A cold fusion engine, as seen in the movie "Back To The Future." It runs on old banana peels and momma's leftover meatloaf (you get an extra 5 miles per gallon if the meatloaf has turned moldy).

Chazman says: They way I understand it, HHO is the proportional mix of water's individual components before it is ignited back into water. As to all you naysayers, knocking a technology without testing it and publishing the results puts your credibility into question too.

Read the posts in this thread and contribute your own opinion.

US Border Agency Says It Can Seize Laptops

MichelMerlin says: "Who drops a liberty to gain a security will lose both." (Benjamin Franklin) How can anyone trust people and groups (FBI, CIA, gov, DHS, etc, incl alas the press) acting that way?

DruidMystic says: This is absolute insanity. How is destroying our liberties a method of defending them? What manner of logic is this upon which the supposedly more intelligent of us seem to rely? This is not a partisan issue. The Democrats are just as guilty as the Neocons by not speaking out against not only this policy, but the DHS in general.

BorisDBlade says: I just sent an e-mail to both my senate and congressional representative. I asked for their views and also asked for them to have this power removed from DHS.

Read the posts in this thread and contribute your own opinion.

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