Welcome to the Blog and What Are Those find.pcworld.com URLs

Hello, and welcome to PC World 's new Answer Line blog. As with the print and online columns, I'll use this venue to answer your questions about PCs, Windows, and other technologies.

You can send your questions to answer@pcworld.com or post them to our Answer Line forum.

I thought I'd start the blog off with a question I've been asked more times than I care to remember: Where on the web do you go to type the find.pcworld.com reference numbers found throughout the print magazine?

The find.pcworld.com/##### numbers are Web addresses--URLs--just like www.pcworld.com or www.google.com/mail. More specifically, they are redirectors, similar to Tinyurl addresses, that take you to another page.

You don't need to go to the PC World web site first. Just type the address (find.pcworld.com/ #####, replacing ##### with the number you find printed in our magazine) into your browser's address bar, and your browser will take you to the appropriate page.

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