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Just how gullible is the general public? Very--as we found when putting together our report on e-mail hoaxes that millions of people have fallen for. What crazy hoaxes have you seen? Have you ever fallen for one? Join the discussion.

One third of new PC buyers are opting for Windows XP. Is this because of a bad economy, because of people sharing bad experiences with Vista, or something else? If you were buying a new PC today, would you go for XP, Vista--or maybe Linux? Let us know.

Symantec bought PC Tools, and most of our readers aren’t happy about it. Do you use PC Tools software? What do you think about Symantec buying the company? Share your thoughts.

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Eight Crazy E-Mail Hoaxes Millions Have Fallen For

JimMcDash says: I honestly find it hard to believe that folks can fall for these all-too-common scams.

LarryE says: Male enhancement and breast augmentation? I don't know why the government doesn't crack down on all of those ads.

Ramfisher65 says: I loved the "work" one...sorely needed for my place of employment, as they all need to lighten up.

Jbennett51 says: Maybe I should get into the spam e-mail business. I had no idea there were that many suckers on the Internet.

Read the posts in this thread and contribute your own opinion.

One-Third of New PC Buyers Opt for XP

Dom2354 says: Vista is fine, and it works well. The economy is really bad, and it costs too much for new software that doesn't work on Vista but does work on XP.

Moorrbrt1 says: From all I've heard Vista probably would not perform well on my almost 2-year-old laptop without significant upgrades to my hardware. I'm satisfied with my PC as is. If I were in the market for a new one I'd be okay with trying Vista as long as I had the option to downgrade.

JustDolt says: I'm still not quite convinced with Vista as a whole. Many people seem to like it but they had to adapt. I was told by a college professor that Vista will probably be at its best in around 3 to 4 years. I think I will also keep my XP.

Gridley says: The journey into the unfamiliar is always stressful for some. I'll grant you that Vista is a resource hog and things are not in the same place and are often buried deep beneath the surface, but once you familiarize yourself with Vista I don't see that much difference. That said, I can see no compelling reason to "upgrade" to Vista from XP. Training costs for employees is a big expense, so I would assume that is the real reason businesses are staying with XP.

Read the posts in this thread and contribute your own opinion.

Symantec Buys PC Tools

rgreen4 says: Rats. I like PC Tools Registry Mechanic and do not like the fact that Symantec will now have its hands on that product.

Mcbarker says: Another utility bites the dust. I am Symantec of Borg... You will be assimilated... Resistance is futile... Bloat and instability are inevitable.

Cpresco says: It really is too bad that PC Tools has become the latest victim to be consumed by the Symantec junkware monster.

Meslowinski says: I just switched to PC Tools software a little over a year ago. I thought it was a good thing to get away from Symantec's costly resource-hungry software and renewal fees. Oh well, I guess AVG Anti-Virus is next.

Read the posts in this thread and contribute your own opinion.

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