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Establishing Telecommuting Policies and Technology

Memo to Execs re: Telecommuting -- Handle with Extreme Care!
Thomas Wailgum advises companies to be extremely cautious if they decide to take away some of their flexible work arrangements.

Telecommuters Need to Develop Special Skills
Successful telework requires more than a laptop and a fast Internet connection. Experienced IT professionals -- who work from home at least part time -- explain the lessons they learned the hard way.

Out of Pocket: Financial Questions for Telecommuters and Managers
Who pays for the printer paper, toner cartridges and ISP service?

Locking Down the Remote User
Companies are still grappling with the issue of securing their users in the field. One response is simply to restrict access. But a combination of smart-card technology and public key infrastructure may provide a more productive alternative.

The Two Most Dreaded Words in Telecommuting
When Thomas Wailgum moved his home office, he discovered the downside of "remote IT infrastructure" setup.

How to Work from the Beach
Learn about the tools you need for "extreme telecommuting."

Struggling to Support Remote Workers? It's Only Going to Get Worse
Your IT department will soon need to support more remote workers than ever before. Both technology changes(such as video adoption) and cultural issues (such as user expectation) will require that your company embrace telecommuting.

Running an Effective Teleconference or Virtual Meeting
Virtual teams are becoming commonplace, but the old rules for running a meeting don't necessarily apply. Managers need to learn new skills to keep people engaged and to use the time (and technology) effectively. These tips will make your next remote meeting a success.

Management: Remote (Worker) Control
The idea of letting your star programmer do her magic from home one day a week may not strike you as particularly radical. But it's a step that is leading to a corporatewide shift in thinking about and managing workers.

What Your Remote Workers Are Really Doing
Do we have a little problem with trust?

Server-Based Computing Increases Security for Remote Users, Lowers Costs
CIOs face a double-edged sword when it comes to remote access. The good: Workers enjoy the benefits of telecommuting from their homes and staying connected while on the road. The bad: Security can be compromised as data and applications live on lightly protected remote machines, help desks can get swamped and new applications or updates can require IT staffs to download applications to hundreds or thousands of individual PCs.

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