Brain-controlled Game to Debut at Tokyo Game Show

A computer game partially controlled by brainwaves will be demonstrated at this week's Tokyo Game Show, the developers said Wednesday.

The game was produced by leading Japanese studio Square Enix and makes use of a brainwave-sensing headset from NeuroSky, a San Jose-based company that develops biometric sensors and similar products aimed at the consumer market.

While playing the game, which is a technical demonstration and not a finished product, a special headset will monitor the user's state of relaxation or concentration and based on this allow them to perform certain actions in the game, NeuroSky said in a statement.

There's no immediate word on if this might make it into a commercial game, but the demonstration to be shown on Thursday is based on a new game concept being jointly developed by the two companies, NeuroSky said.

Stay tuned for a hands-on and more details when the Tokyo Game Show starts.

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