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Among the myriad of handheld games on show at this year's Tokyo Game Show is "Final Fantasy: Dissidia."

I got a chance to play a brief demo of the game, which was straight to combat, allowing users to choose from a roster of save files for various characters and introducing controls between each match-up. That being said, there's a fair amount of buttons to remember in order to control your character to the fullest. Special attacks, dashes, combos, blocks, there's a myriad of button combinations at the player's disposal. While it takes a little bit to get the hang of mastering the all the controls, once you've got them down it's well worth it.

Players have a great amount of control over the nature of their combos, from following along with the timed button presses on screen to segueing into a special attack. This allows players to continue a combo as they see fit, keeping player involvement active and allowing them to add their own personal flair to matches. I never felt as if I was stuck watching a choreographed, predetermined combo sequence, and I think that made the fancy and flashy combos all the more satisfying.

Though I wasn't intentionally exploring the terrain by any means, my first impression is that the stages felt rather large. There's a lot of space to move around in, which could possibly be a hassle if you're dealing with someone that likes to keep a distance. Luckily hitting L1 allows you to lock onto a target and a little arrow appears indicating the direction of your opponent, at which point it's easy to dash in their direction. Don't worry about colliding into too many obstacles either. If you dash towards walls they're easily scaled and certain terrain objects, like pillars, are destructible.

Overall, the brief demo with Final Fantasy: Dissidia was addicting and engaging. If the premise of throwing together characters from the many Final Fantasy universes and pitting them against each other in combat wasn't enough to tickle your fancy, perhaps the game play will.

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