Verizon Pays up for Video Voicemail Patent

Verizon Wireless is the latest to settle a lawsuit brought by Klausner Technologies over visual voicemail patents.

On Friday, the companies said that Verizon would license Klausner's patents and settle their outstanding litigation. They did not reveal terms of the agreement.

Visual voicemail lets users see on their phone screen who has left a voicemail and choose which messages to listen to, rather than navigating through a voicemail menu from a key pad. Motorola's Krave phone, recently introduced by Verizon, features the technology.

Apple, whose iPhone also includes visual voicemail, also settled with Klausner earlier this year.

Klausner says that Verizon is the fifteenth company to license its patents. Others include Vonage, eBay, AT&T and Sprint Nextel.

But Klausner isn't done pursuing companies it says are using the patents without paying. Other alleged offenders named in a pending lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas include Google, LG Electronics, Comverse, Citrix, Cox Communications and Embarq.

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