Live Blog: Microsoft's Professional Developer Conference Keynote

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9:32 PT They're just telling developers more about Windows Azure. Later today you can get the beta a Demos are of how it's easy to build apps using Azure and also make them easily accessible and scalable. The idea is that developers will I guess rent from MS, which could be cost effective for a small startup that can't afford big data centers.

9:18 PT Now we're seeing a social network app called BlueHoo that was built on Windows Azure. Go

8:07 PT Live Services will be of most interest to consumers. Now we're going to see some Windows Azure demos. Obviously this is a pretty developer oriented keynote. "Kernels don't demo well," a MS engineer just said that.

8:05 PT We're betting on Azure ourselves. Ozzie says, adding that MS will be building more and more of its own services via Azure. Examples include... Live Services, .Net Services, SQL Services, SharePoint Services, Microsoft Dynamis CRM Services.

8:00 PT Ozzie tips hat to Jeff Bezos and Amazon for their early work in this regard. New Cloud Computing platform is designed to be the bedrock for all computing. Announces new Windows Azure offering at the Web tier you might think of it as Windows in the Cloud. Lowest level foundation for building cloud computing services. Windows Azure is not software that you run on your own servers--it's running on a vast network of Microsoft servers. Being made available as a service.

8:56 PT 1st tier is personal (phones, desktops, laptops). 2nd tier is enterprise (client-server, system management, data centers) 3rd tier is Web tier (serving customers, prospects). This provides infinite capacity on demand anywhere on the globe.

8:54 PT Shared infrastructure needs to be globally accessible. Cloud computing solves a lot of problems relating to globalization - coping with variations in demand, need for lots of storage. Ozzie says, "A new tier in our industry's computing architecture."

8:50 PT In part because so much business has gone global

8:50 PT He's talking about cloud computing -- how is it different from what's come in the past

8:49 PT Problems range from individual user to the core Professional Developer Conference audience of developers and IT pros.

8:47 PT Ray Ozzie is talking about changes in the computing landscape. He's pacing the stage in a chorcoal suit and shirt.

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