Microsoft Was Worried About Mac Besting Vista in '05

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Artwork: Chip Taylor
According to some newly released court documents in the "Vista Capable" class-action lawsuit, Microsoft was worried about comparisons between its newest OS and the Mac OS before Vista was even out, and before Apple starting joking about it ("Redmond, start your photocopiers.")

In fact, what really got Redmond going was the WSJ's Walt Mossberg, who told his readers on October 13 2005: "You also won't have to worry about Vista if you buy one of Apple Computer's Macintosh computers, which don't run Windows. Every mainstream consumer doing typical tasks should consider the Mac. Its operating system, called Tiger, is better and much more secure than Windows XP, and already contains most of the key features promised for Vista."

Padmanand Warrier, a developer in the Windows group--and potential future super-soldier by the sound of it--emailed around a link to his colleagues, including to Richard Russell, a Microsoft development manager.

Russell, in turn, responded: "My takeaway from Walt's article is that we have failed to communicate Vista's value."

I'd say that Microsoft has still failed to do that.

[via Slashdot]

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