Quick Tip: Increase the Font Size in Your Browser

So this morning we pulled up a pumpkin-pancake recipe on the kitchen laptop. Just one problem: My wife couldn't read it from where she was mixing. "Can't you make it bigger?" she asked. (Go ahead, insert your own "that's what she said" joke here. No class.)

The horror: My own wife didn't know one of the world's best (and simplest) browser tricks! Bad tech-savvy husband. Bad! Anyway, all you do is hold down the Ctrl key and slowly turn the mouse wheel to enlarge or shrink browser text. No wheel? Hold down Ctrl and tap the + or - key on your keyboard.

This works in Firefox and Internet Explorer alike. (If you're a Mac user, you'll need to hold down the Command key while pressing the plus or minus key. Don't use the mouse wheel, however, unless you want to enlarge the entire screen.)

What do you think? Was this an "aha!" discovery for you like it was for Mrs. Hassle-Free PC, or did you learn this five years ago? Let me know, and share your favorite browser tips down in the Comments. Oh, by the way, the pancakes were awesome--especially with a handful of chocolate chips tossed in.

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