Apple iPhone 3G Ad: Brouhaha Is Bogus

Another Apple iPhone 3G advert has been pulled from our screens because a handful -- albeit a rather horrible hand with 17 fingers -- of pedants complained that it wasn't realistic.

The Advertising Standard Authority (ASA) bowed to a trickle of complaints that an iPhone 3G advert claimed that the handset is "really fast".

The moaners objected to the fact that the ad showed pages loading rather quickly... ok, "really fast".

What do these people expect -- Apple to air a two-minute advert where the iPhone is shown laboriously loading a range of average web pages?

Do these crazies also complain when actors in telly ads brew a cup of steaming coffee in about 5 seconds flat before they fall into some unbelievably unfunny comic situation? Surely no kettle on Earth could boil that fast.

Or what about the ads where a fat man and his lazy son clean an entire kitchen in about 3 seconds, with Flash or whatever? Other commercials regularly show a disgusting plate go in a dishwasher, only for it to be plucked out 5 seconds later glistening like a polished diamond in a mirror factory.

Please tell us, ASA, how these blatant, appalling lies are allowed to brainwash the gullible, while a 30-second Apple iPhone ad has to adhere to the strict laws of time?

This story, "Apple iPhone 3G Ad: Brouhaha Is Bogus" was originally published by PC Advisor (UK).

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